Tate Modern Special Screening

지도로만 보면 압구정처럼 보이는 저곳,
테이트 모던에서 그간 촬영감독, 편집, 색보정 등으로 참여해 온
장민승 작가의 필름들이 10월 26일 특별상영 됩니다.

Over There 오버데어
Korea | 2018 | 44 mins
Synopsis: A cinématographe that captures Hallasan throughout a thousand days period.
A collection of fragmented moments one encounters during contemplation, transitory scenery that cannot be revisited.

Arcadia 입석부근
Korea | 2017 | 50 mins
Synopsis: Arcadia represents the stark beauty of nature,
created by the transiently shaped ice walls in Mt. Sorak
against the elaborately forged rocks formed through time,
and human’s genuine and sublime pursuit to witness
the artistry and splendour of nature.

Pitch-dark From the Voiceless 보이스리스
Korea | 2014 | 25 mins
Synopsis: Portrays the artist’s artistic intention to hope
for healing the wound of loss, clearly remembering it
without forgetting anything, and sympathising with sadness
and mourning it. The work is based on texts extracted from
a number of haikus.